A Big Sur Podcast

#11 Steve Beck, Master Gardener

January 26, 2022 Magnus Toren, host Season 1 Episode 11
A Big Sur Podcast
#11 Steve Beck, Master Gardener
A Big Sur Podcast
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This is not our Big Sur. At most we are caretakers for the next generation!  /  Steve Beck

There’s no way that Big Sur can ever meet the demand with supply.  /  Steve Beck

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These chapters are not yet updated so the times will not be exact.

00.26.00 How do you wake up in the morning

00.01.25I have never taken ‘Big Sur’ for granted

00.04.00We bought our land!

00.04.36Good Soil!

00.06.57Why did you come to Big Sur!

00.08.32Vietnam draft

00.09.58School in Bismarck,  North Dakota!

00.11.00The ’story’ just didn’t work for me. 

00.12.05I did not have any dreams.

00.15.35The news about Big Sur back then

00.17.23 Back in time in my family…

00.18.26Jim Hill EXPLAIN

00.19.40On the Road…heading out!

00.26.48Gazebo, Janet Lederman

00.30.52Doing scary things! 

00.31.40It looked like a terrorist training camp

00.34.20The Garden at Esalen. What is is about?

00.38.16Garden goes to sleep at winter. How much fertilizer      did you need from the ‘outside?’

00.39.40The boat capsized and the chimneys went away…

00.40.40My Brother was farming in North Dakota.

00.41.50Esalen Garden is a 5000 year old compost pile and burial ground. 

00.43.22Esalen, gardening workshops?

00.45.20I still feel like a student, it never ends…

00.46.35 Frank and Kathy Pinney at Loet Vanderveen

00.49.55When, how & why did you get engaged in local planning.

00.51.20I walked away from Esalen…

00.53.50How’s Big Sur doing as far as land use?

01.00.36The LUP asks for a certain humility

01.01.25How did you meet Sydney?

01.02.18Q&A Susan Zsigmond, changes at Esalen?


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How do you wake up?
I have never taken ‘Big Sur’ for granted
Why Did You Come To Big Sur
Draft for Vietnam
The Catholic 'story' did not work for me.
What were your dreams?