A Big Sur Podcast

#8 Bill Burleigh about Big Sur, the Marathon, Hippies and much more!

January 07, 2022 Magnus Toren, host
A Big Sur Podcast
#8 Bill Burleigh about Big Sur, the Marathon, Hippies and much more!
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A conversation with Bill and Anne Burleigh. On occasion we are joined by their three dogs: Taylor, Happy and Sadie-Anne.

Bill is a well known long time resident of Big Sur. Known as 'Judge Burleigh' he is also very well known for his initiative in creating the Big Sur Marathon. Click on 'Chapters' above. There are some hilarious moments. We had a very good time. Special thanks to Bill and Anne for the exceptional hospitality before, during and after our time with microphones on.

A great afternoon!

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Lightning hits the water tank!
The Naked Judge
From a local court to the Supreme Court in five days!
I was the City Attorney when the Hippies descended like Locusts!
Sued by the ACLU for suggesting Hippies Can’t Sit Down!
Walter Trotter ‘kind of adopted me.’
Larry Spector
The Judge’s Journal
Papa Deetjen's
Why Marathon?
Kirk, Ken, Ray and Bill…running down the road
Great Board of Directors
I don’t think anybody in Big Sur supported me!
Don McQueen stomps, Kirk yells, Kenny goes behind my back!
Alan Perlmutter? I did not have one friend in Big Sur
Karen Strasser Kaufmann
This guy is flying!
Race Directors get VIP treatment!
The Best Marathon in America!
Friends again?
This is the last time you’re gonna do this!! (Alan Perlmutter)
Virtue in Regulations?
River Run!
Music on the Course!
Marathon winner in the Olympics!
Glad my house burned down.
Big Sur's Future?
Computer skills as you get older?
Plans for a Hotel on the Beach north of Molera.