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# 81 Big Sur's ongoing efforts to protect the landscape : A Conversation with David Smiley

December 03, 2023 Magnus Toren, host Season 1 Episode 81
A Big Sur Podcast
# 81 Big Sur's ongoing efforts to protect the landscape : A Conversation with David Smiley
A Big Sur Podcast
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Magnus sits down (as a follow-up to the recent episode with Marcus Foster) with David Smiley, a Big Sur local with many years of experience serving on the LUAC (the Big Sur land use advisory committee).

Brief cameo appearance from David's bunk buddy Mary Ann Vasconcellos!

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Big Sur Land Use Advisory Committee (LUAC)

It is with gratitude and sadness we remember Mary Trotter who passed on September 7.  In this issue of the Carmel Pine Cone you can read about Mary.


Our discussion takes a deeper look at the enforcement of the Big Sur land use plan. The roles of the Monterey County, the Coastal Commission, and local groups in these preservation efforts.

We touch upon the significance of political engagement, the noticeable absence of a dedicated defender for the plan, and the rise of the group Keep Big Sur Wild.

We conclude our episode with a brief chat about memorable experiences and cultural events in Big Sur. From the BiGSuRCuS event to the Poetry in Motion event.

It's not just about the land; it's about the spirit of Big Sur which is celebrated through events like these. 

Join us as we celebrate the unique beauty of Big Sur, the community's efforts to protect it, and our hopes for its future preservation. 

This episode is a must-listen for anyone interested in land use, preservation, and the extraordinary character of Big Sur.

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