A Big Sur Podcast

# 22 A chat with neighbors Jake, Katie Rose, and Tristian about the newly reborn BIG SUR OPEN MIC!

April 03, 2022 Magnus Toren, host Season 1 Episode 22
A Big Sur Podcast
# 22 A chat with neighbors Jake, Katie Rose, and Tristian about the newly reborn BIG SUR OPEN MIC!
A Big Sur Podcast
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Show Notes

Together, Jake, Katie, Tristan and Magnus, at the Henry Miller Library, talking about music, the beauty of music, and how it can make community thrive. We speak about the newly reborn OPEN MIC at MILLER'S! 

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Music clips from recent Open mic's include:

Tristan Petersen
Jake Padorr
Katie Rose
Sarah Cheung
Roman Moffatt
Nick Leahy
Tracy Chesebrough
Dave Hoover
Magnus Toren
Joe Mann

Henry Miller on Music!

My whole aim in life is to get near to God, that is, to get nearer to myself. That's why it doesn't matter to me what road I take. But music is very important. Music is a tonic for the pineal gland. Music isn't Bach or Beethoven; music is the can-opener of the soul. It makes you terribly quiet inside, makes you aware that there's a roof to your being.

To be is music, which is a profanation of silence in the interests of silence, and therefore beyond good and evil. Music is the manifestation of action without activity. It is the pure act of creation swimming on its own bosom. Music neither goads nor defends, neither seeks nor explains.
Music is the noiseless sound made by the swimmer in the ocean of consciousness. It is a reward which can only be given by oneself. It is the gift of the god which one is because he has ceased thinking about god. It is an augur of the God which every one will become in due time, when all that is will be beyond imagination.

All music is still governed by the old astronomy, is the product of the hothouse, a panacea for Weltschmerz. Music is still the antidote for the nameless, but this is not yet music. Music is planetary fire, an irreducible which is all-sufficient;
it is the slate-writing of the gods, the abracadabra which the learned and the ignorant alike muff because the axle has been unhooked.

Henry Miller

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